Everything You Need To Know About Dayton Designer Closets

At Dayton Designer Closets, we are more than just a closet designer. It is our mission to enhance your quality of life and increase the value of your home. We can do that in a variety of ways, including closets, garage cabinets, home entertainment systems, entryway storage solutions, and more. From outstanding products to amazing customer service, you’ll love the process and the end result even more.

Here we go over a little more about our services and our process so that you can better understand what we can do for you! 

Dayton Designer Closets – A Brief Overview

Let’s talk a little more about how Dayton Designer Closets can help you improve the quality of your life with sleek designs that are perfectly suited for you and your family or office. First, we’ll discuss a little bit about us and then our process and hopefully answer some of the questions you might have.

About Us

Dayton Designer Closets is owned and ran by Rachael Fahncke and her team. In 2008, Rachael and her husband opened GFC Concrete Coatings, a concrete coating business in Centerville that expanded their offerings 2014 to include garage cabinets. Cabinet design and installation quickly became a huge success and GFC expanded again, offering interior design within the home too. Since the expansion, the business expanded so much that Rachael and her husband decided to break apart the two companies and open up Dayton Designer Closets in 2019.

This dynamic duo has created an ideal work situation, where both companies can operate out of the same showroom and use the same highly trained staff when needed. Together, they’ve created successful businesses that carry pride into every design project. They have learned to maximize every space and stay updated on trends so that every customer loves the outcome of their home, garage, office, and any other space we work on.

Custom Closets

It’s in our name – designer closets. We know how good it feels to walk into your closet and feel the clean organization in your own custom space. When you choose to let us design your closet, you get a beautiful space that is tailored just for you.

Dayton Designer Closets can help you create an upscale dressing room that has all the glamour of a boutique. Whether it’s an open space with a beautiful display of shelves or a smaller space that desperately needs to be organized, we can help you transform your closet into a soothing and inviting place. Keep all of your treasured items stored perfectly with a place for everything. We love designing custom closets that help your everyday life function a little easier.

Entryway Storage

The entryway of a home can turn into a chaotic dumping ground. We get it, we all have families and the front door is where we start and stop each day. At Dayton Designer Closets, we have the knowledge and the experience to bring you an entryway space that keeps everything much more organized. With our wall-to-wall mudroom storage, you can keep track of all of the little things that can easily get lost in the shuffle.

We have solutions that are perfect for each member of the family. You can designate individual storage spaces for your family’s personal items so that in the hectic early mornings they can easily access their shoes, backpacks, and whatever else they need. Maybe your entryway closet is mainly for excess storage and you can’t quite figure out how to utilize it properly. When you work with us, we can help you create a versatile system that not only complements your home decor but also gives you functional storage where you need it most.

Garage Cabinets

Like we said before, we got the confidence we needed to make this business because of the success we had designing garage cabinets and storage. We have personal experience in transforming your chaotic garage into a clean and custom space that you’ll actually enjoy being in. Regardless of whether you need just a few simple cabinets or workbenches for your ongoing projects or a completely decked out space, we have the tools to get you what you need for your garage.

We also offer high-performance garage floor coatings and custom additions that we think will perfectly complement your space, your style, and of course, your budget. All of our beautiful custom cabinets and storage options are durable, movable, and will go perfectly with your home and space. No matter what you’re looking for in your garage, we offer perfect solutions to help you keep your everyday items organized and out of the way.

Home Entertainment

Have you been looking for a home entertainment system that perfectly fits your home but doesn’t break the bank? The experts here at Dayton Designer Closets know that a great entertainment system doesn’t just hold a space for the tv. It also stores and effectively hides your media equipment with great-looking cabinets that are tailored to your home decor and furnishings. Our custom designs can help you keep wires out of sight and includes shelves to showcase whatever you want.

If you need a built-in media center, you’ve got it. When you and your family are ready to fully enjoy the next family night, we can help you create the perfect space with everything organized.

Pantry Organizations

Something else that we love to help our customers with is pantry organization. If your pantry is nonexistent or just plain dysfunctional, we can help! The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and we know it’s because that is where you spend a lot of time with family. Your pantry should combine functionality with beauty. Let us help you express yourself in your kitchen space with a pantry that can display as much as you want.

We think that a walk-in butler’s pantry offers unlimited ways to keep your kitchen items out of sight if needed. All of our high-quality materials can be transformed into the perfect backdrop for your favorite collections of dishes or pans. We have adjustable shelving to help you make efficient use of every space, big or small. If you need a better kitchen, we have dozens of custom options to create your dream pantry.

Home Office Storage

Working from home? How effective is your home office storage? We get that people who work from home are pretty busy. An office desk and storage space might be the easiest way to help you manage your work life. Custom made cabinets, a desk that is made just for you, you’ll love your new space. Conceal files or clutter and keep everything you need within arms reach. No matter what kind of work you’re doing at home, we make home organization easy and simple.

We also know that home offices come in all shapes and sizes. Our design professionals know how to design the perfect office to fit wherever you need it to. We have a wide variety of design and finish options so that you feel right at home. From floating shelves to lights, let us help you create the space that fits your lifestyle and helps you focus on your work.

Our Process

At Dayton Designer Closets, we are committed to serving clients and keeping them informed throughout the entire design process. From the first info call to the final installation and walkthrough, we want your experience to be enjoyed every step of the way.

We start by getting to know you and your needs so that we can design the right solution. We do that using ORGdesign, our proprietary design software. It helps us engage with you every step of the way so that you can participate in every part of the process. Once you approve the design, ORGdesign also enables flawless execution. Dayton Designer Closets never cuts corners, which means we measure out your space exactly. The design you approve is the design you get, and we take pride in delivering the perfect solution every time.

When it comes time to actually do the installation, we make sure it lines up with your schedule and preferences. Our team is full of experts of their craft, which means they treat your home like their home. We will leave it cleaner and neater than when they arrive, and you’ll be overjoyed with how much you love your space.

Have more questions about what we do and how we can turn your home or garage into your dream space? Reach out to us today! We would love to answer your questions and give you a quote so you get started whenever you’re ready.

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